New Handbag

Soon friends of mine are going to have a baby and that means, a new bag for carrying everything from diapers to changing clothes has to be purchased. So while having some tasty food at our “Brauhaus”, I showed my friend my “Schnabelina Bag” (which has a good size for taking along all the diaper-changing-supplies). She decided to have such a bag as well and chose the fabric on the internet. After everything had arrived, I got to work: cutting out all the different pieces, ironed “Vlieseline” on the back of most of the fabrics and sew everything together. Sewing this bag was demanding: patience and endurance were necessary. My sewing machine had to fight its way through the thick layers of fabric and piping stripe (which I used for the first time). One needle broke, another one was bent – but that was my own fault. I pulled the fabric too hard and that was too much… Again, I learned a few new things.
But here it is now, convince yourself! It’s unique and cannot be purchased anywhere else. I know it will be used with great joy!