My Sewing Machines

This blog entry is about the sewing machines I work with. At the moment, I use two machines: a traditional sewing machine and a serger.

My sewing machine is a simple version from Singer,  the “Tradtion 2259”:

My sewing machine

I started sewing with this machine. It doesn’t have as many … as other more advanced machines, but I’m satisfied with what I can do with it.

I bought this sewing foot as an addition to the existing sewing feet (since it is not included when buying the machine):

Serger sewing foot

You can use it for woven fabrics and it gives the sewing project a nice finish if you don’t own a serger.

Since December 2016 I have a serger, which makes with sewing woven fabrics much more easier. A serger is an addition to my sewing machine and does not replace it completly. A detailed blog entry about my serger and my first attempt about sewing with it will follow soon.