Testing The New Serger

Since December 2016 I’m a proud owner of a serger. I’m sewing more arcticles of clothing and since most of them are made of jersey knits, I decided to get a serger. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on the machine and decided to get one, that is relatively low priced, easy to handle and delivers good results. Aldi had a serger on offer by chance and the reviews on that serger were quite good.


A serger is something different from a “normal” sewing machine. It has two needles instead of one, it sews with four threads and cuts the edges of the fabric while sewing.
In the beginning I was a little scared sewing with the serger – it was much more complex than I had thought it would be. So I watched some tutorials on how to sew with the serger, who to thread the machine and how to set the right tension. After that it worked surprisingly well, the first tests with leftover fabric were helpful to find the right tension and how the stiches looked right.

After these first successful tests, I felt confident enough to start my first piece of clothing:  a longsleve for my daughter, including a neckline, cuffs and two different fabrics.

The first shirt made with the serger.

It worked out pretty well for the first time. For my next projects I know now that I’ll use a thread that has the color of the main fabric and that I’ll have to adjust the tension each time I use a new fabric (jersey knits, sweatshirt fleece, interlock knit…)

Elastic cuffs made out of knits

As you can see, the white thread is visible if you pull the fabric apart. Not so pretty. If I had used a matching thread, you wouldn’t even notice it.

Close-up of the seam

My conlusion: a test result, which is fine but requires some improvement. I was surprised how fast the shirt was sewn together! It’s finished so much faster than on my “normal” sewing machine, although it doesn’t replace the sewing machine completely – I finished the seam and the decorative stitching with the “normal” machine. The two machines complement one another and make it even more exciting to create new clothes!

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